My Makeup Journey

Mar 8, 2022

My passion for makeup began when I was young. I was eleven years old to be exact. My best friend and I would stay up all night in middle school watching beauty influencers like Michelle Phan. Then in the morning we would practice makeup on each other using my mom’s Clinique samples.

I remember the very first time I ever got my makeup done (and the only time I’ve ever gotten it done). It was my Eighth Grade Dance. My mom took me to Clinique to get my makeup done. She probably did that because my favorite products at the time were too much bright blue eyeshadow and WAY too much gel eyeliner. I remember the feeling I got when the makeup artist at Clinique showed me my final look: I felt so beautiful.

This is my main goal now. I want you to feel like the most beautiful version of yourself when you get up from the makeup chair. I want you to feel like you can conquer anything and be the most confident you’ve ever been.

My love for makeup has continued to grow immensely since middle school, especially when I learned how to do it. I would spend hours watching videos and then practicing on myself.

In 2013 I got my first job as a cashier at a Chick-Fil-A, which taught me so much customer service and people skills. When I received y paychecks I almost immediately cashed them out and took them to my local Sephora to purchase my favorite high end products. I would always love to chat with the Sephora employees and pick their brain about which products are the best for me. I envied their product knowledge, and had a desire to learn more about ingredients within makeup.

In Spring of 2017 I handed my resume to my local MAC counter in Roanoke, Virginia without even knowing if they were hiring or not. To my surprise, I got a call back and the manager wanted me to do a makeup look on a model to see if I was well fit for the position. I immediately reached out to my sister, Lauren and had her come with me to the MAC counter. Berkley, the manager at MAC, had me draw a random image out of 5 sheets of images of makeup looks I had to recreate on Lauren. I recreated my first makeup look from this glowy J-Lo picture, and I loved the final look.

I got a call back the next day, and after a couple more interviews I got a job at MAC Cosmetics as a makeup artist!

I continued working for MAC from 2017 through 2021, and it truly was the biggest learning experience of my life. I have learned to shade match all skin tones, what foundation formulas work best on different skin types, and all different styles of makeup. I finally got that product knowledge I was dying to have, and I became the Product Specialist at my MAC Counter.

Every six months all MAC employees were required to attend training courses for learning new trends, new products, and existing product knowledge. Also, about once a year a regional trainer would come to the counter and certify each artist for their makeup application skills. MAC is the biggest teaching brand, and I’m so thankful to be double certified through them.

In 2019, I moved to Short Pump, Virginia to excel in my career at MAC. I became an Assistant Manager at my MAC counter and learned how to manage and train all other employees. However, after about a year of that role I had to move back to Roanoke, Virginia when COVID-19 hit the U.S.. I then continued working for my local Roanoke counter until 2021 when I got married.

Throughout the time of working for MAC, I continued my passion of applying makeup through different wedding parties! I have been able to do plenty of weddings throughout the process, while juggling being a full time makeup artist. 

When creating my makeup kit for Emily Rooney Makeup, I decided to use luxury brands that I adore. I’ve invested into my kit so that every bride’s makeup will last through the most joyous moments of their wedding – trust me, I know that wedding makeup absolutely needs to be waterproof!

My favorite brands are Charlotte Tilbury, MAC Cosmetics (obviously), Anastasia Beverly Hills, Morphe, Smashbox and NARS. I’m looking forward to adding even more brands to my kit over time!

Stay tuned for this journey of Emily Rooney Makeup. I’m so excited to gear all of my attention towards it!



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